Wednesday is National K9 Veterans Day

Photo: U.S. Air Force

(KWQC) - Wednesday, March 13, is a day to recognize K9 Veterans. Wednesday is National K9 Veterans Day.

The day is celebrated on the day of the U.S. Army K9 Corps, which was formed in 1942. The originator of the holiday was from Joseph White, a retired military working dog trainer.

According to the National Day Calendar's website, dogs were called to the line of duty following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

"Dogs for Defense was a program initiated by a private citizen by the name of Mrs. Alene Erlanger. Along with the American Kennel Club and a handful of breeders, the group aimed to train the dogs for military use," the site reads.

The United States military, police and rescue have used multiple methods for training for their K9 units. "Their training is tailored to meet the demands of the job," the site reads.

If you have or know a K9 Veteran in your life, celebrate by using the hashtag #NationalK9VeteransDay.

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