UPDATE West Burlington Police respond to grain bin rescue, family member praises first responders

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WEST BURLINGTON, Iowa (KWQC) - Update: At 8:52 AM the Burlington Fire Department was dispatched for a report of a man trapped inside a grain bin.

Firefighters arrived to find the man up to his armpits in a grain bin that was about 2/3rds full. The man had been working to move the grain out of the bin when the top crust gave way sending him down into the grain.

It's an outcome that Diane Lange knows could have been much worse

"I was scared to death when I got the call, and I'm still scared," said Lange.

She's the brother of the man who was stuck inside the bin.

"It just turned into a small avalanche, there was a pocket in there somewhere and it just trapped him," said Lange.

Firefighters used a specialized interlocking grain tube to stabilize the victim inside the bin. Grain was then removed from the bin to free man who then walked out one of the doors of the bin to a waiting ambulance. The man was then transported for evaluation. A big relief for those closest to him.

"He's a great guy, he's amazing took him several hours to get extricated out of there and he climbed out of the grain bin on his own will, it was amazing," said Lange.

Original: Multiple agencies have responded to a grain bin in West Burlington after reports of a man needing to be rescued.

West Burlington police did confirm with TV-6 that they are on scene for the rescue.

Police say there was a man who needed to be rescued but could not comment on his condition at this time.