West High School students invent cost-effective filtration system for Kenyan villages

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Students at West High School in Davenport, Iowa are inventing a cost-effective water filtration system designed for Kenyan villages.

A spokesperson with the school district says the system is a "hybrid of traditional water-purification systems and new technologies used for such applications."

The systems included are porous clay, slow-sand, charcoal and UV light filtration. Each stage will purify what the previous stage did not obstruct.

The school's spokesperson says the stations will be created from materials found on the site. "This will allow lesser-developed communities to possess filters that they desperately require. Our InvenTeam has goals to produce a cost-effective water filtration system and to educate the communities impacted on how to produce, maintain, test, and replicate these systems. The village of Muamba, Kenya and 4 other villages have partnered with the InvenTeam and will be implementing the system for experimental trials throughout 2019 and beyond for over 12,000 citizens."

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