COVID-19: What you need to know regarding new coronavirus

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(KWQC) – UPDATE: 4/3 3:57 p.m.: TV6 wants to make sure our viewers have the information they need in both English and Spanish in regards to the new coronavirus, COVID-19.


TV6 will update this story daily as new information becomes available locally, nationally and internationally.

Below you will find a list of symptoms, prevention and treatment tips, advice on when to call your doctor and more.

Live map of global COVID-19 cases as well as a nation-wide county breakdown: To view a live map of the cases of COVID-19 globally, head to this link.


On Friday, health officials in Illinois announced over 1,200 additional cases in the state. Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 8.904 cases, including 210 deaths, in 64 counties in Illinois.

Gov.J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday announced the extension of the stay at home order, suspension of on-sight learning and the state's disaster proclamation until the end of April.

Those in Illinois can call 1-800-889-3931 or email DPH.SICK@Illinois.Gov to have COVID-19 questions answered.


On Friday, health officials announced an additional 85 cases, bringing the state total to 699.

If you have returned to Iowa from mainland China or Iran, you're asked to complete this survey.

You can call 211 with any of your questions regarding COVID-19 in Iowa.

Covid-19 reported in counties in the TV6 viewing area:

- Bureau: Bureau is reporting two positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Carroll: Carroll is reporting four positive cases, 1 death.
- Henderson: There are no reported cases in the county at this time.
- Henry: Henry is reporting four positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Jo Daviess: Jo Daviess is reporting three positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Knox: Knox is reporting one positive case, 0 deaths.
- McDonough: There are no reported cases in the county at this time.
- Mercer: Mercer is reporting one positive case, 0 deaths.
- Rock Island: Rock Island is reporting 21 positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Stark: There are no reported cases in the county at this time.
- Warren: There are no reported cases in the county at this time.
- Whiteside: Whiteside is reporting six positive cases, 1 death.

*Some data has yet to be provided by commercial laboratories (including counties). IDPH is working with commercial labs to obtain the necessary data. As that information is identified, the map will be updated appropriately.

- Cedar: Cedar is reporting 11 positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Clinton: Clinton is reporting 15 positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Des Moines: Des Moines is reporting one positive case, 0 deaths.
- Dubuque: Dubuque is reporting 23 cases, 1 death.
- Henry: Henry is reporting six positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Jackson: Jackson is reporting tow positive cases, 0 deaths.
- Lee: There are no reported cases in the county at this time.
- Louisa: Louisa is reporting one positive case, 0 deaths.
- Muscatine: Muscatine is reporting 22 positive cases, 1 death.
- Scott: Scott is reporting 31 positive cases, 0 deaths.

The last update on the Iowa COVID-19 cases by county map was at 11:26 on Friday, April 3.

CDC guidelines:

- How you can protect yourself: LINK HERE.
- What to do if you are sick: LINK HERE.

Social distancing & flattening the curve:

Social distancing:
Social distancing is a term we never used to hear, but now we may hear every day with good reason. In order to lessen the spread of COVID-19, it's recommended you stay at least 6 feet away from someone else. This way, it's less likely you can catch the virus from someone else.

Flattening the curve:
If you look at a chart that shows "flattening the curve" you'll be able to see a tall or steep curve on the left. That indicates a virus is spiking or spreading rapidly. But the more we isolate from each other, or practice social distancing , the fewer people become infected, so the curve becomes much lower or "flattened." This will also help to ensure hospitals have enough equipment for patients since there will be fewer people infected in at once.

TV6 spoke with Augustana College's epidemiologist Rebecca Heick who says we're doing much better in recent days with social distancing, but not everyone seems to be taking it seriously. She feels that will continue to improve and stresses that the more of us who do it, the fewer who will become ill. Heick says one of the big problems in the Quad Cities right now, like many other places across the country, is the fact that we don't have enough COVID-19 tests here locally to test people for the virus. There's no way to know how widespread it is. Therefore, it's best to go ahead and assume you do have it and act accordingly to protect everyone around you. Heick says we're probably going to continue to see the numbers rise in the QCA, but if we keep social distancing each of us can make a difference and help flatten the curve.


- The CDC asks that you watch for shortness of breath, a fever, and a cough. View more on symptoms at this link.

- Self checker: Click on this link for a guide to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care.

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