Winning Wheels receiving Medicaid funding

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PROPHETSTOWN, Ill. (KWQC) - Winning Wheels rehab facility is seeing more Medicaid funding this month. Last month, TV6 reported the traumatic brain injury rehabilitation facility was waiting for the state of Illinois to make a decision on 15 Medicaid applications. Since then, four applications have been approved.

TV6 originally reported eight applications were submitted and Illinois failed to make a decision on whether to approve funding within the determined 45 days. Of those, Winning Wheels Administrator Amie Behrens says one of those applications has since been approved. Last month, TV6 also reported seven residents lost Medicaid coverage without a reason given according to Behrens. Since then, three of those residents have been approved to receive Medicaid.

The recent application approvals will relieve some of the facility's financial burden. Behrens says Winning Wheels receives the majority of its funding from Medicaid payments. Last month, Winning Wheels told TV6 the facility covers those costs for residents, costing the facility 20 percent of their monthly revenue or roughly 80,000 dollars. Today, Behrens says with the recent application approvals, it will now cost the facility roughly 58,000 dollars in monthly revenue.

You can find the original story on Winning Wheels here.
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