Wisconsin gas station accidentally sells gas for 28 cents a gallon

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CNN) - A price mistake at a Wisconsin gas station had customers flocking to the pumps.

A Wisconsin gas station accidentally sold gas for 28 cents a gallon and had customers flocking to the pumps. (Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0, License Link)

There were so many people at the business after hours, police were called to check things out. What police found was gasoline for only 28 cents a gallon.

According to police, a clerk put in the wrong price before they closed for the night, around 9 p.m.

The price of mid-grade was supposed to cost $2.89 per gallon, but somehow it only cost people 28 cents per gallon to fill up.

Word spread fast, and by the time police got there a couple of hours later, at least 100 people had taken advantage of the cheap gas, all filling up their tanks for less than $5.

The gas station lost out on about $3,500.

According to the Department of Energy, gas hasn't been 28 cents since the 1950s.