Wisconsin students pull “best prank ever”

(Cumberland School Dist.)
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CUMBERLAND, Wisc. (KWQC) – At first glance, it seems like a disaster.

And therein lies the prank pulled off by senior students at a high school in Cumberland, Wisconsin, about 6 hours north of the Quad Cities.

They hauled an old junker car up to the high school and positioned it as if it had just crashed into the school.

Using black tarp and tape, they created the illusion of a gaping hole in the wall created by a crash that never actually happened.

The police department calls it "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen,” according to a May 14 Facebook post by the Cumberland School District, which added, “You had everyone a little nervous this morning!”

The school district says there was no damage to the school.

Some commenting on Facebook say the prank is in bad taste and goes too far, but many admire the students’ creativity.

“Best prank ever,” commented Matt McCuen.

(Cumberland School Dist.)