Workers stunned when Liam Neeson responds to free food offer

(Big Star Sandwich Co.)
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WESTMINSTER, BC Canada (KWQC) – The Big Star Sandwich Company never thought a big star would actually come to visit.

On Tuesday, the restaurant’s manager, Matt Pruim, got a clever idea for his sidewalk sign after hearing that actor Liam Neeson was in town shooting a film.

Pruim took colored chalk and wrote, “Liam Neeson eats here for free,” thinking, of course, Neeson would not actually show up.

Only a few hours later, employee Doug Gus was making sandwiches when he heard coworker Serge Patoka utter an unprintable exclamation preceded by the word "holy."

“Liam Neeson had actually walked in!” said Alex Johrden, Dir. of Operations for Big Star Sandwich Ltd.

“Liam said, ‘Where's my free sandwich?’ in his intimidating voice.”

Neeson did not actually have time to eat but offered to take a picture by the sign with the two stunned employees.

“As you can see in the photo, Doug and Serge were starstruck,” said Johrden.

Unfortunately, Pruim was not there to experience the moment sparked by his sign.

Neeson is currently in Westminster shooting the film Hard Powder.

(Big Star Sandwich Co.)