Wright's Annual Easter Egg hunts continues to grow every year

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LYNDON, Illinois (KWQC) In a town of 650, nearly 4000 people attended this year's Easter egg hunt. More than one thousand kids rushed the field full of eggs at Richmond Park, and within 3 minutes the hunt was over.

For 10 year old, Evan Merema, he said he and brothers definitely hit the jackpot this year. "There weren't that many people so I just started grabbing, like grab, grab, grab, grab," he said. Evan also liked that so many people came out to enjoy the day as well. "Because there's a lot of people, and they're not bored and stuff. They're all over the place," he said.

The event wasn't always so crowded, Kodi and John Wright, started the Easter egg hunt 11 years ago as a family gathering. "We started this for friends and family, people stopped by on the highway and said can we join, and we said come on," said John Wright.

So nearly 400 donated bikes, 23,500 eggs, hundreds of prizes and thousands of people later, it blossomed into a community celebration.

"There is no way we can do this on our own any more people from towns all over are coming forward to help us put this on for the kids because they're what matters," said Kodi Wright.

400 kids were lucky enough to win a bike which was donated by 150 different donors. But everyone got a chance to walk away with something, food, prizes and more. So it was an amazing event for people of all ages to enjoy, and a big accomplishment for such a small town.

"In our little village of 650 we have over 4000 people in our town park, everybody I think got something, and that was our goal," said Kodi Wright.