Youth Sports Injuries on the rise

Published: Aug. 24, 2018 at 4:28 PM CDT
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An overuse injury is any kind of muscle or joint injury that is caused by a repeated trauma.

They can be caused by training errors or technique errors, and they are on the rise among young people.

Overuse injuries are subtle, usually occur over time, and can be difficult to treat

The rising number of injuries among young athletes can be linked to several factors -- including competitiveness, expanding numbers of travel teams, enthusiastic parents pushing their children too hard, and the fact that young athletes are specializing in one sport at an earlier age.

A study conducted at Loyola University found that specializing in a single sport was one of the strongest harbingers of a sports injury.

Experts say kids that get these sorts of injuries are also more likely to burn out and give up on that sport altogether.

They advise parents and kids to focus on the fun and teamwork of the sport, and not worry about winning or securing scholarships.

They recommend getting kids involved in a variety of sports.

And make sure to go to the doctor immediately if your little player is experiencing any discomfort or pain.