"Head Armor" - The Latest Innovations In Tech Making Football Safer PT1

Sincethe 1920s Riddell has been evolving with the game of football by starting a tradition of firsts. The were the first company to have a plastic shell hemet, the first to have a tubular bar face mask, the first to have a nose protector U-Bar and the first to do many other things.

Their innovations in helmet technology has them as the world wide leader in helmet protection. In 2018 over 85 percent of division one football players wore Riddell helmets as well as over 70 percent of NFL players. Their influence over the game of football is something that's been there since day one.

We've seen tremendous steps in innovation over the last 5 years. In 2014 they introduced the speed flex helmet. A shell that's made out of the same compound as bullet proof glass. When impacted it flexes in order to reduce impact forced to a players head. Fast forward to 2017 and the game has changed. Riddell adds to their list of first by developing precision fit helmets. It's the first helmet in the industry that matches every part of the players head for maximum protection and comfort.

In episode one of "Head Armor" we'll show you how precision fit helmets are created. In episode two we'll look at how the helmets are tested in Riddells collision lab. Then in episode three we visit the University Of Iowa
and talk to their players, coaching staff , equipment managers and team doctors on how they like being the only team in the country with 100 percent of their upper class athletes fitted with a precision fit helmet.