Ed Froehlich reflects on his penultimate year as Bix race director

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - After 40 years, Bix Race Director Ed Froehlich will step down from the job.

"No one should do anything more than 40 years," he jokes.

This year's Bix on Saturday, July 28th will be his 39th as race director. Froehlich intends to retire as race director after the 2019 race.

Froehlich says he's said he would quit before.

"I said I was going to quit at 20, I was going to quit at 30," he remembers. "I am going to quit at 40."

At 71 years old, Froehlich says he's been blessed to be a part of the Bix 7 race for all this time.

"That's by far the best thing that's ever happened to my life is meeting all these people and being close with them for this long a time," he adds.

The plans for this year's Bix are ahead of schedule.

"it's a well oiled machine," Froehlich says with a smile.

The last day to register for the race is July 26th. Race day is on Saturday, July 28th.