"Head Armor": The Latest Innovations In Technology Making Football Safer: Part 3

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 11:17 PM CST
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With the relationship between concussions and head injuries becoming a growing concern, we looked into the latest innovations in helmet wearing technology at the Riddell Sports headquarters.

In part one of "Head Armor" we introduced to you "Precision Fit Helmets". The first and only helmet on the market that matches ever part of a players head through a scanning process. The tech is so impressive that the scan is accurate to plus or minus half a millimeter. This results in a custom helmet that provides maximum protection.

In part two we took you to Riddells impact testing lab to see how they deem helmets safe enough to be worn on the field. There are three different bodies that are writing test methodologies right now. One of them is the national football league and their helmet rankings, the second one is Virginia tech and their helmet ratings, they use a different methodology for evaluating helmets. Then the third is "NOCSAE" the national operating committee on standards for athletic equipment. They write the standards that are used for protective gear in a lot of team sports and football helmets and face guards are one of them.

In the final episode of "Head Armor" we visit the University of Iowa and see how they've adjusted to "Precision fit helmets" as the only team in the country with 100% of it's upper class men fitted with the helmets.We speak to players, the teams equipment manager and team doctor about how these helmets have impacted their program.

Then finally we show you Riddels last piece of helmet wearing technology they wanted to show you. Their "InSite Training Tool". A device that stores data and alerts coaches and athletic trainers on impacts that exceed certain thresholds. Which then gives coaches opportunities to identify abnormal player behaviors that can be coached and changed during practice.

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