Hockey player survives gruesome wound

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(KARE) — A high school hockey player from Prior Lake, Minnesota is recovering from a life threatening injury, after his teammate's skate sliced open his jugular vein.

"His leg had kicked up when I was reaching for the puck, and it caught me on the side of my jugular," said Michael Spinner. "I then saw blood come out of my neck, and I rushed immediately off the ice."

The team from Holy Family Catholic High School was practicing at Braemar Arena in Edina when the accident happened.

Michael's coaches held a hockey sock against the wound until an ambulance could arrive.

"The coaching staff are really the heroes in this," said Bob Spinner, Michael's dad. "They basically saved my son's life. He would have bled out before the ambulance arrived had they not done what they did."

Spinner says his son lost 30 percent of his blood volume before doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center could repair his jugular.

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