Sterling and Newman football come together to raise money for coaches at each school

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STERLING, Ill. (KWQC) - Dave and Michelle Campbell are teachers and coaches: one for Sterling football and the other for Newman Central Catholic swimming.

"They love their jobs, they love their schools," says Dave Cambell's sister Carrie Segglke. "They love being a part of children's education, family, and community."

With three daughters already, the Campbells will soon welcome a fourth little girl into their lives.

The new baby isn't expected until December 7th, but she will be born with a heart condition which will require extensive surgeries and an extended stay in downtown Chicago.

"We've got our Sterling faithful who have come out here, but the best part is that when the idea started, we heard from Newman, what can we do?" says Taylor Jackson, who has organized a fundraiser.

Together both schools are raising money for the Campbell family beginning with a joint tailgate ahead of football playoffs.

"It's going straight to their family to help with this difficult time we're about to go through," says Jackson.

All the money will go to the Campbells to help them with medical costs and transportation expenses.

"It really puts it into perspective," says Segglke. "Yes we're excited about the game, but at the end of the day they did this for a little baby."

Both schools are still accepting donations on behalf of the Campbell family.