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About Us

Pursuing Educational Excellence Through Christ-Centered Programs Since 1976

East Moline Christian School was founded by Pastor James Patrick in 1976. If you were to visit and compare the various public, private, and Christian schools within the Quad City area, you would be immediately impressed with the fact that East Moline Christian is truly unique. High academics! Christian values! A safe and loving environment! EMC builds character, self-respect, family values, and a respect for God and country. EMC prepares students physically, emotionally, spiritually, morally, and academically. Through Christian education, EMC produces solid citizens with decent morals and a sense of direction for their lives, leaders who are capable of building a better future, and family members who work together to build a solid family structure. Christian education does not cost– it pays!!

East Moline Christian School offers an educational program that far surpasses the basic fundamentals required of educational institutions. We realize that your child must be carefully instructed to enhance his ability to read with understanding, write and speak, and compute with precision. All reading classes are based on the phonics method. All mathematics classes are of the traditional nature. It is our belief that children want to learn, but they must be equipped with the proper tools of education. The average class at EMCS will test 1.5-2 years ahead of the national average. Based on the fundamentals of traditional education, our curriculum will be a great help to your child and will give them a great advantage in the coming school years. The excellent elementary education program prepares students for future excellence in junior high and high school.  The high school academics program is compiled with a Biblical foundation and a Christian worldview, which will lay the foundational principles necessary to succeed in college, the business world and in various areas of life in general.


East Moline Christian School offers a solid phonics-based reading program and a carefully taught printing class. These plus counting, numbers, letters, and sounds adds up to a pre-school that far surpasses the normal day-care programs that are offered in the Quad-City area. We will truly give your child a head start in his academic training and lay the foundation for his kindergarten year. Over 75% of our four-year olds are reading when the year is completed. Tender, loving care plus reading and printing skills make this the “Best pre-school in town!”

Also, our Kindergarten program is "top of the line!"  The average child in kindergarten will be reading 1½ - 2 years ahead of national average.  Many could pick up the daily newspaper and read the wordage therein.
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East Moline Christian School offers many athletic opportunities in  fall, winter, and spring. Fall sports include Varsity soccer for the boys and Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball  for the girls. The winter sport offered to both boys and girls is basketball. Then, in the spring, the boys and girls participate in golf. All these sports include home games, away games, and tournaments. EMCS is a member of the Illinois Association of Christian Schools and competes against other schools in the association as well as with other schools in Illinois and Iowa. At the end of each season, the teams compete in the IACS state tournament in Schaumburg, IL. EMCS offers athletic opportunities to the elementary students as well with sports such as basketball for boys and cheerleading for girls.