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Ernst joins Senate GOP leadership, 1st woman in years

Hospital patients vote from their rooms in mid-term election

Henry County ran out of ballots at some precincts for Iowa election

RAW VIDEO: Senator Dick Durbin talks to TV6

RAW VIDEO: J.B. Pritzker gives his victory speech

RAW VIDEO: IL Governor Bruce Rauner Concedes Race

RAW VIDEO: IA Attorney General speaks with TV6

RAW VIDEO: Senator Joni Ernst talks to TV6

RAW VIDEO: Doug House talks with TV6

RAW VIDEO: IA LT. Governor Adam Gregg talks with TV6

Scott County officials: Turnout this year surpasses 2014 elections

RAW VIDEO: Rauner Campaign Manager speaks to TV6

TV6 coverage of the Iowa and Illinois Gubernatorial Races

WATCH LIVE: NBC News coverage of the 2018 midterm elections

Iowa election officials will hand count votes in random precincts for added security

Iowa Agriculture Secretary: Naig vs. Gannon, Stewart

Iowa Attorney General: Miller vs. Battaglia

Representative Abby Finkenauer discusses immigration, trade war, and more during one-on-one

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