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Never Trump GOPer says Trump will go down in history as 'corrupt'

With some Republicans taunting them, many Democratic leaders have spent days apparently struggling over the question of impeaching Donald Trump. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the possible political cost of impeachment to Democrats and Republicans.

Legal experts debate if impeachment trumps investigating Trump

This week the New York State Assembly passed a bill that would allow Congress access to Donald Trump’s state tax returns. Joy Reid’s panel of legal experts debate whether impeachment should be pursued, or if Democrats should focus on the investigations of the president in progress.

African American women graduate in record number from West Point

Overall there were 110 African American graduates, double the number from six years ago, in 2013.

Can impeachment hearings force the hands of Senate Republicans?

What are the political implications of Donald Trump being impeached for the 2020 presidential race and beyond? Joy Reid and her panel discuss how impeachment hearings and investigations could impact the president’s support.

Hiker found in Hawaii forest after 2 weeks had access to waterfall, friend says

Amanda Eller, a 35-year-old yoga teacher, has both mental and physical strength that helped her endure the ordeal, her father said.