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Winning Numbers: 08-11-14-16-49, Powerball: 14, Power Play: 3
Last Draw: 06/15/2019
Current Jackpot: $79,000,000.00

MEGA Millions

MEGA Millions

Winning Numbers: 19-40-47-57-65, Mega Ball: 06, Megaplier: 2
Last Draw: 06/14/2019
Current Jackpot: $50,000,000.00

Illinois Midday 4 Fireball

Midday 4 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 7
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Evening 3 Fireball

Evening 3 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 5
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Midday 3 Fireball

Midday 3 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 6
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Lotto


Winning Numbers: 03-13-14-20-38-45, Extra Shot: 20
Last Draw: 06/15/2019
Current Jackpot: $4,500,000.00

Illinois LuckyDay Lotto Evening

LuckyDay Lotto Evening

Winning Numbers: 03-06-32-34-44
Last Draw: 06/15/2019
Current Jackpot: $850,000.00

Illinois Pick 4 Evening

Pick 4 Evening

Winning Numbers: 5-2-5-6
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Pick 4 Midday

Pick 4 Midday

Winning Numbers: 6-9-9-0
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Pick 3 Evening

Pick 3 Evening

Winning Numbers: 5-4-1
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Pick 3 Midday

Pick 3 Midday

Winning Numbers: 5-8-1
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

Illinois Evening 4 Fireball

Evening 4 Fireball

Winning Numbers: 6
Last Draw: 06/15/2019

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Lonnie Bunch set to make history with top Smithsonian job

Historian Lonnie Bunch is set to take the top job at the world’s largest museum, the Smithsonian, making history as its first black secretary. The job is “a dream come true” for Bunch, the founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

More libraries hiring social workers to address homelessness, employment challenges

In places like San Francisco, where the cost of living is high and housing is limited, more and more people in need are taking refuge in libraries. Now a growing number of libraries across the country are hiring social workers to fill the need in their communities.

Family plans to sue Phoenix police for excessive force after 4-year-old took doll from store

An Arizona family now plans to sue the Phoenix Police Department for $10 million after an incident in May. After their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store, video shows an officer point a gun at their vehicle and putting the pregnant mother’s fiance in handcuffs.

Ex-campaign staffer arrested in connection with politician’s death

A one-time campaign staffer was arrested in connection with the death of former Arkansas lawmaker Linda Collins. The lawmaker’s family expressed shock over the staffer’s arrest.

System outage shuts down Target registers for hours

Business at Targets nationwide nearly came to a halt today after a computer outage prevented customers from being able to complete their purchases, leaving long lines of frustrated shoppers.