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Midday Medical: Wound care

Midday Medical: CBD (cannabis) oil

Midday Medical: Changes in heart health risk factors

Midday Medical: Preventing vision-related falls

Midday Medical: Is it a cold or the flu?

Midday Medical: Better sleep in 2019

Midday Medical: Pink Eye

Midday Medical: Pain management clinic

Midday Medical : Whooping Cough

Midday Medical: Early detection/preventing heart disease

Midday Medical: New drops for bloodshot eyes

Midday Medical: Polio-like illness known as AFM

Midday Medical: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome spectrum

Midday Medical: Vision for back-to-school

Midday Medical: FDA approves generic Epipen

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Pilot in deadly California house crash was warned of weather

Pilot Antonio Pastini died along with four people on the ground when the wreckage struck and burned a house in suburban Yorba Linda, south of Los Angeles.

The race is on for global 5G dominance — and Trump's in on it

“The implication is that new industries of the future, the new ways of making a living, will be in China and not here," one policy expert explained.

Chicago police reveal how Smollett case was cracked

Chicago police chief said they were suspicious of Smollett's hate crime claim but gave him the "benefit of the doubt."

Cyclorama to be unveiled again amid diverging views of past

Though the painting depicts a northern victory, Southerners saw in the painting an Atlanta rising like the mythical phoenix.

A bit of snow in Los Angeles, and suddenly it's #snowmaggedon

"Correct, that is snow!" the National Weather Service tweeted in response to a video posted from the L.A. area. If precipitation is "in flakes it's snow."