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Midday Medical: Polio-like illness known as AFM

Midday Medical: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome spectrum

Midday Medical: Vision for back-to-school

Midday Medical: FDA approves generic Epipen

Midday Medical :Amino acid and depression

Midday Medical : Spinal Stenosis

Midday Medical - Eye tics and spasms

Midday Medical - Heat-related illness

Midday Medical - Common drugs that can cause depression

Midday Medical: Cataract surgery may improve health

Midday Medical: New Cardiac Rehab

Midday Medical: New study on dry eyes and sleep position

Midday Medical - Weight loss and other exhibits at WHLF

Midday Medical - Eyes and seasonal allergies

Midday Medical: Free Head & Neck cancer screening

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Hurricane Willa strengthens to Category 5, headed for Mexico coast

"Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion," the National Hurricane Center warned residents Monday.

Young Catholics urge Vatican to issue inclusive LGBTQ message

Catholic bishops are entering their final week of debate over hot-button issues facing young Catholics, including how the church should welcome gays.

Ryanair facing criticism for allowing passenger directing racist rant to stay on flight

"I'll tell you what, if you don't go to another seat, I'll push you to another seat," the passenger told a woman sitting next to him.

Gorbachev, experts baffled by U.S. withdrawal from nuclear weapons deal

The agreement was designed to keep ground-based nuclear missiles out of Europe, but critics say tearing it up could spark an arms race there.

Exploding toilet tank complaints leads to massive Flushmate recall

Nearly two dozen injuries were reported, including one person who needed foot surgery.