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Hiker found in Hawaii forest after 2 weeks had access to waterfall, friend says

Amanda Eller, a 35-year-old yoga teacher, has both mental and physical strength that helped her endure the ordeal, her father said.

How impeachment could empower Congress to go deeper than Mueller

Many Democratic House leaders insist that impeaching Donald Trump would be in alignment with his goals, because in their estimation the president wants to be impeached, supposedly to fire up his base. Joy Reid’s guests debate whether Trump wants impeachment, and the possible consequences.

Expert predicts dire consequences for not impeaching Trump

Donald Trump is not facing impeachment because House Democrats are apparently afraid of the optics Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick tells AM JOY. Lithwick joins Joy Reid to discuss what she believes will be the destructive aftermath for America if the president is not impeached.

Legal expert says impeachment inquiry in House should start ASAP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested that Donald Trump is harming the country, stopping short of affirming that the president should immediately be impeached. Joy Reid is joined by Harvard University legal scholar Laurence Tribe who alleges, ‘The president it seems to me is committing impeachable offenses before our very eyes.’

Search continues for 4-year-old swept away in flooded creek; death toll from severe weather climbs to 9

Storms that have ravaged the central U.S. this week and threaten major flooding through the holiday weekend.