SENSE OF SAFETY: TV6 Investigates how adults can make a difference

SENSE OF SAFETY: TV6 Investigates the roles of school resource officers

SENSE OF SAFETY: TV6 Investigates how to talk to kids about tragedy

SENSE OF SAFETY: TV6 Investigates how one school district responded to a near tragedy

El Paso shooting suspect’s mom called police concerned about gun

Delta pilot arrested just before take off on suspicion of being drunk

TV6 Investigates: ADM, contractor cited following death of firefighter at Clinton plant

TV6 Investigates: City officials react to story on Davenport's Hesco barrier failure

TV6 Investigates: Delayed warnings over Davenport's Hesco Barrier failure

TV6 Investigates: Pool inspection violations

Suspicious Death Investigation Underway in Des Moines

Burlington releases portions of video in fatal police shooting

TV-6 Investigates: Illinois' changed juvenile transfer law

TV-6 Investigates: Rising Illinois court fees

TV-6 Investigates: Increased train speed does not require upgraded rail crossings

TV-6 Investigates: Young car thieves challenging juvenile court

TV-6 Investigates: Veteran's Home Improvement

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Video shows rescue of cruise-ship passenger in wheelchair who fell into water

A Carnival Cruise Line spokesperson said the woman was being escorted in a wheelchair by a family member when the accident happened.

Far-right rally in Portland met by anti-fascist protesters

President Donald Trump tweeted about the demonstration, saying there is consideration to labeling Antifa an "organization of terror."

New Orleans TV anchor dies in plane crash while reporting a story

The longtime, award-winning news anchor in New Orleans died along with a veteran stunt pilot.

Man charged after daughter, 12, drove into man and dog, killing them

Police said the girl apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes.

Ditch the switch? Call to go on permanent daylight saving time grows

Changing our clocks twice a year can be confusing — and it might also kill us, studies show. Now activists and some lawmakers are trying to do away with the "antiquated practice."