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For DIY face masks, some fabrics work better than others

Some fabrics were found to work better at filtering small particles than medical grade masks.

Woman and child missing in Maryland canoeing accident

The potential tragedy happened in Shady Side, Maryland, south of Annapolis.

Firm under sanctions made Russian ventilators shipped to U.S., pictures show

"It is simply a farce," tweeted a group of Russian doctors, saying they've been collecting donations to buy supplies while Moscow sells them to Washington.

Watch sailors cheer Navy captain relieved of command after raising alarm on coronavirus

One Twitter user who uploaded a video captioned it, in part: "Wrongfully relieved of command but did right by the sailors."

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says he lost 13 pounds in 3 days from coronavirus

The CNN anchor said he has also experienced headaches, high fever, blurry vision and extreme fatigue, with symptoms intensifying at night.