North Carolina middle school makes students put phones on 'lockdown'

WATCH | Ram truck ad using MLK speech draws backlash


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Harvey Weinstein and his prominent defense lawyer part ways

Attorney and disgraced moviemaker issue joint statement, confirming split.

Food safety falls short, consumer group says

“Americans should be confident that their food is safe and uncontaminated,” the report reads.

Cook who says she was fired for speaking Spanish fights back

“My son is happy I’m doing all of this because he hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Francisca Pérez said.

Chicago officers acquitted of attempted cover-up in Laquan McDonald killing

Cook County Judge Domenica Stephenson rendered her verdict a day before the sentencing of Jason Van Dyke, who shot McDonald.

When guns are around, more kids die by suicide

“The availability of firearms is contributing to an increase in the actual number of suicides," one researcher said.