A Virtual Care Company, justmiine, Launches Partnership with Orexo to Help Maximize Availability and Efficiency of Behavioral Health Care

Partnership aims to lift burden off providers and offer patients access to mental health care from the comfort of home.
Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 11:09 AM CDT

CHICAGO, Ill., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- justmiine, a virtual care company, today announced a new partnership with Orexo, a pharmaceutical and digital therapy company, to help improve the efficiency and availability of behavioral health services by making clinically proven digital therapeutics more accessible for healthcare providers and their patients.

Partnership aims to lift burden off providers and offer patients access to mental health care from the comfort of home.

As of Nov. 1, 2021, Orexo's suite of digital therapeutics, vorvida®, for problematic alcohol use, and deprexis®, for patients 18 years or older who are experiencing a depressive episode or who have major depressive disorder, will be available on the justmiine platform, offering providers the option to incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)-based digital therapy into patient treatment plans.

"Over the last year and a half, we've seen first-hand the burden that's been placed on both our healthcare professionals, who are overwhelmed with patients who need support, as well as our communities, who are desperate for additional mental health resources," said Dr. Luciano Fochesatto, Chief Executive Officer, justmiine. "It's our hope that we can provide relief to those busy providers by offering them the option to effectively manage their patients digitally with Orexo's suite of products, while giving patients access to the mental healthcare they need without setting foot into a busy waiting room."

justmiiine is a cloud-based virtual care platform that allows healthcare providers to remotely manage their patients.  The technology, built by doctors, for doctors, is the most powerful virtual care platform yet. Remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, chat, custom treatment plans, institutional protocols, patient education, and many other tools are integrated in a single secured platform with EMR connectivity. The result is care delivery scalability and increased quality of care.

"For more than a decade, Orexo has been committed to improving the availability of effective treatment for mental health issues and addiction, and we're pleased to work with organizations, like justmiine, that share in that commitment," said Dennis Urbaniak, Executive Vice President, Digital Therapeutics, Orexo. "Thanks to justmiine's best-in-class software, practitioners who were previously unable to deliver treatment for conditions like depression or problematic alcohol use will now have the ability to do so by incorporating deprexis® or vorvida® into care plans, thus maximizing the number of patients that can be seen and cared for each and every day."

Orexo's digital therapies are web-based and provide 24/7 access to proven CBT-based approaches and other effective psychotherapeutic techniques across all devices, anytime, anywhere with internet access. The programs are supported by artificial intelligence, which individualizes and tailors content delivery based on the user's progress and specific needs.

Deprexis® is one of the most researched digital therapies in the world and is clinically shown to reduce depressive symptoms. Vorvida® is a fully automated digital therapy, scientifically proven to change drinking patterns in adults facing problematic alcohol use by offering a new way to manage drinking that does not require in-person groups or complete abstinence.

About justmiine:

justmiine is a physician-led software company that has set out to improve the cost-effectiveness of the care delivered by our clients and improve the quality of life and outcomes of the patients using our software. Visit https://www.justmiine.com/ for more information.

About Orexo DTx

Orexo DTx is the digital health arm of Orexo AB, a pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes improved pharmaceuticals and digital therapies. The company addresses unmet needs within the growing space of mental illness and substance use disorders. Orexo DTx was created in Q4 of 2019 and in the second half-year of 2020 vorvida®, for alcohol misuse, and deprexis®, for depression, were launched in the US while, modia™, for opioid use disorder, is expected to be launched in in the second half-year 2021. All digital therapies are in partnership with the GAIA group.

Orexo DTx's mission is to redefine treatment of addiction and mental health by offering clinically validated digital therapeutics to ensure more successful treatment for patients and cost-effective solutions for payers.

The digital products are commercialized by Orexo DTx initially in the US where Orexo also commercializes its lead product ZUBSOLV® (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablets (CIII) for treatment of opioid use disorder.

Orexo is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap (ORX) and is available as ADRs on OTCQX (ORXOY) in the US. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, where research and development activities are performed.

For information about Orexo please visit, www.orexo.com. You can also follow Orexo on Twitter, @orexoabpubl, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Orexo is a pharmaceutical and digital therapeutics company.
Orexo is a pharmaceutical and digital therapeutics company.

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