John Deere Community Spotlight: Miles Davidson

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This engaging video series, produced in collaboration with KWQC-TV6, features John Deere employees who are making a positive impact in the greater Quad Cities community.

Miles Davidson is a welder by trade and left Oklahoma in 2011 to come and work at John Deere Davenport Works. When asked what his job is he paused because, as he said, he does so many things sometimes he forgets. He also mentioned that is a direct result of the John Deere culture. “That’s what I love about working here. If I want to do something different tomorrow I can bid (union term based on seniority) on a new one.” He said he has never worked for a company as good as Deere and mentions the company’s support in the community and of its employees to get involved.

Miles is more than just “active” in the community, he’s immersed. He likes that the company gives him the time and resources to pursue causes he cares about. And there are a lot of causes. From Humility Home to Big Brothers Big Sisters to Café on Vine to United Way to Sacred City Church to ARC of the QC and King’s Harvest. He is a busy man and has the help and support of his wife and two children. It’s not uncommon to see the family mowing the grass and weed-eating at Café on Vine or walking a stretch of road and picking up trash. They cleaned their church for five years.

Miles also works with students, teaching them the trade that has given him so many opportunities. Miles teaches, volunteers, and contributes because he feels giving a little Love to the community and those around you changes lives.

With Deere and the UAW’s support, Miles is assisted with meeting his passion for helping others. Miles believes in the company’s mission of community outreach and feels empowered by its continued support. It’s partnerships like these, between a caring individual and a caring company, that help drive a caring community!

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