Does Your Basement Need Waterproofing?

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With a Midwest spring comes rain, and our summer storms are right around the corner. This increase in precipitation can lead to water damage in your basement. If left untreated, water damage can devalue your home and lead to expensive repairs.

While some signs are more obvious than others, it’s important to act quickly if you notice any signs of water damage.

1. Bugs You may notice an increase in unwanted visitors from extra moisture if your basement has water damage, as bugs love damp, dark places. Insects need water in order to live and if you eliminate the water, the insects are drastically decreased as well.

2. Mold Only growing where water is present, mold can be hazardous to your family’s health. When moisture levels reach over 57%, that is an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold grows on organic materials- wood, paper (cardboard), stone and rock (drywall). Unfortunately, many construction materials are made from these organic items, so keeping moisture and humidity levels low is vital!

3. Musty Smells If you notice foul or musty smells in your basement or home, you may have a water damage problem. Even if the smell starts in the basement, in most Midwest homes, the HVAC system is based in the basement. The air that is circulating through your home is the same air that is in the basement.

4. Condensation You may notice condensation buildup on the basement walls or floors. This is not something to ignore. Condensation doesn't occur when humidity levels are low. As stated above (#2), keeping humidity levels low is the precursor for avoiding many other concerns.

5. Efflorescence White coating on basement walls can be a sign of moisture damage. Efflorescence can look like chalky powder spots, drips, or a faint white line where moisture has seeped through the blocks or poured concrete of the basement walls.

6. Wet Carpet You may notice wet floors, and pooling or standing water in your basement. Water doesn't just appear. Identifying the source of that water means finding out exactly how to prevent it from happening again.

Let the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems help identify the source of your basement water concerns and propose a solution to your concerns. Help protect your home and family. If your basement shows any signs of water damage, call 1-800-541-8006 today for your free estimate!