Confused by Medicare? MIG can help!

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Does Medicare Confuse You????

When are you eligible? How do you apply?

MIG brokers are here to answer any of the questions you have about your Medicare needs….the best part, there is NO COST to you!

MIG brokers are proud to serve Illinois and Iowa residents. We carry all the leading insurance companies and will find the plan that fits YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

What is Medicare?

A Medicare Supplement policy (also known as “Medigap”) is health insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill the “gaps” in Original Medicare Plan coverage. Medigap policies help pay some of the health care expenses that the Original Medicare Plan doesn’t cover. If you are in the Original Medicare Plan and have a Medigap policy, then Medicare and your Medigap policy will both pay their shares of covered health care cost.

Insurance companies can only sell you a standardized Medigap policy. Medigap policies are required to have specific benefits, making them easy to compare.

You can choose from 12 different standardized Medigap policies (Medigap Plans A through L.) Medigap policies must follow Federal and State laws. These laws are there to protect you. A Medigap policy must be clearly identified on the cover as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Each plan, A through L, has a different set of basic and extra benefits. Though the Medigap plan benefits and coverages will be consistent from one insurance company to the next, it is important to compare Medigap policies because cost can vary

We will answer your questions and explain your options for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D (RX) and Dental and Vision.

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