Illinois GIrls State Track And Field Meet

Illinois GIrls State Track And Field Meet

Watch all the highlights from the champions of Saturdays state track and field meet in Illinois

Governor Pritzker signs marijuana bill

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has scheduled a legislation-signing ceremony Tuesday morning in Chicago. His staff listed the event on his schedule released late Monday night.

Specialty drugs are skyrocketing in price

The average cost for a single specialty drug to treat a potentially deadly illness or condition is now nearly $79,000 a year. That's according to a new study just released by AARP. It shows drug prices nearly tripled in the last decade. One cancer drug soared nearly $50,000 in price in just one year.

Is that a boat on Mars?

The Curiosity Rover on Mars took a picture that's raising a lot of eyebrows. The photo taken on the red planet's horizon Sunday shows a bright light. Some on social media are jumping to conclusions about signs of life on Mars, but NASA says it's more likely a cosmic ray or flash of light like a mirage which doesn't really exist.

HS Softball 6/24

Watch highlights from 6/24


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