Training for the Bix 7 picks back up

Thu Jun 20 06:11:01 PDT 2019

Training for the Bix 7 picks back up

The Bix at 6 training runs is back in full swing. The first of the four runs were canceled due to flooding. Runners will meet at an updated start location on Thursday, June 20th.

Cloudy & Cool Today

Warmer This Weekend

11-13-19 Volleyball Playoffs

Watch highlights from volleyball state in Caedar Rapids.

QC Veteran Outreach Center opens new marketplace for veterans

The QC Veteran Outreach Center opened a marketplace for veterans next to its center in Davenport. (KWQC)

VIDEO: Bettendorf family escapes fire, Fire Marshals offers safety tips

TV6 Investigates gives you tips for fire prevention and safety during the colder months.

Local reactions to daylight saving time bill

Soon when you cross the Mississippi River, you may be in a different time zone when you get to the other side. It could happen under a bill overwhelmingly passed by the Illinois Senate which would have Illinois staying on daylight saving time year-round.


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