Study shows PTSD has deadly consequences

Study shows PTSD has deadly consequences

It's what veterans, their families and many counselors have long suspected, but now there is proof of the tragic consequences of PTSD in our veterans. Those who are living with PTSD are far more likely to suffer an early death. A new study from the Department of Veterans Affairs followed 491,000 vets. The study shows they are far more likely to die from causes ranging from suicide to diabetes to accidents than those who have not experienced PTSD.

A Night Of Top High School Volleyball Matchups

Watch some of the top teams in the area go head to head: Sterling vs Rock Falls Orion vs Fulton West Liberty vs Wilton

An update on downtown Davenport businesses after Flood

The Downtown Davenport Partnership said most businesses have reopened or have plans to nearly five months after the flood. (KWQC)

Iowa State plans to redevelop space between Hilton and Jack Trice Stadium

Iowa State officials want to build a "Power And Light District" type entertainment district

"Seinfeld" coming to Netflix in 2021

Netflix is about to tell Hulu "No 'Seinfeld' for you!"

Illinois offering tax amnesty

Illinois taxpayers who incurred tax liabilities between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2018 may be eligible for the one-time tax amnesty program.

Iowa man accused of holding girlfriend prisoner 4 days

A Sioux City man is accused of assaulting his girlfriend while keeping her falsely imprisoned for four days.


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