Fighting Bees Fall to 22nd Ranked Si ena Heights

Sat Sep 21 20:57:53 PDT 2019

Fighting Bees Fall to 22nd Ranked Si ena Heights

Siena Heights scored 20 points unanswered after trailing 10-0 for the 22-10 win.

Project Bundle Up Drive Up and Drop Off - 10/18

Project Bundle Up is KWQC's annual partnership with the Salvation Army to provide clothing for children in need throughout the Quad Cities.

City of Davenport expected to spend millions on flood fight throughout city

City officials in Davenport have released an update on the cost of the flood fight efforts.

Quad Cities area is home to best bagger in Illinois

The Quad Cities area is home to a best bagger, something you'll appreciate the next time you visit the grocery store.

Northland Mall in Sterling going up for auction

Northland Mall in Sterling, Illinois is going up for auction.

RAGBRAI staff leaves and creates a competing bike ride

Bike riders can expect some changes to RAGBRAI, the annual bike ride across Iowa. The ride's organizers split from the Des Moines Register after the paper's handling of the Carson King story with one of their reporters revealing an old tweet from King.

Two Illinois child welfare workers are sued over boy's death

In April, AJ's body was found buried near his family's Crystal Lake home.


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