"Nixon shirt" symbolizes rich wrestling tradition at Assumption

Assumption wrestlers began a tradition in the 90s of passing down a tie-died shirt to the next up-and-coming underclassman. It still carries on today. Story here.

Kwik Star developments coming to QC

By next spring or early summer, there will be three Kwik Star projects in the city. oooo

Midday Medical: Polio-like illness known as AFM

Dr. Bill Langley with Genesis Hospital explains the illness, what we know about it, and what you can do to prevent it.

VIDEO: Waves on the beach of Puerto Rico

Waves on the beach of Puerto Rico.

VIDEO: Rain forest in Puerto Rico

A quick video showing a rain forest in Puerto Rico.

VIDEO: Puerto Rico Art Walk

A look at an Art Walk in Puerto Rico with KWQC's Chris Carter.


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