Tax preparation services are reminding people to file taxes before April 17

Tax preparation services say it's important to file taxes on time to get your maximum refund and avoid paying penalities if you owe the government money.

Orion ready for TV6 Spotlight Game against Fulton

The Chargers host the Steamers Friday

Rock Island City Council approves management changes to Sunset Marina

An agreement has been reached with a private company to operate Rock Island's Sunset Marina.

First-ever all female honor flight lands in Washington

The First-ever all female honor flight landed in Washington to see the memorials.

Security footage from Davenport home catches possible car thieves

A Davenport home with a security camera caught a group of people with cars slowly following them testing cars in people's driveways to see which ones were unlocked.

Walking Again: Spinal Research Pays Off

Researchers reported Monday that several paralyzed patients are doing what was once considered impossible. They're walking. Patients at the University of Louisville in Kentucky have an electronic stimulator implanted on their spinal cords. They've been through hours and hours of grueling physical therapy, - first on a treadmill with trainers moving their legs for them in stepping motions.


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