Iowa State Fair will accept credit & debit cards

Iowa State Fair will accept credit & debit cards

The Iowa State Fair will begin all food vendors to accept credit and debit cards in 2020.

Rock Island hosts NFL Draft pick April 27th

Mayor Mike Thoms talks about all the festivities surrounding the event and the whole community is invited to attend.

Savanna has been sandbagging for days

Savanna is preparing for rising Mississippi. The expected crest this time around is over 20 feet.

Savanna prepares for the rising Mississippi

Savanna was sandbagging a few weeks ago and they're back at it Tuesday.

River Bandits finally able to plan home opener

The River Bandits have been on the road since opening day. It wasn't planned that way, but the combination of Mississippi River flooding and work to raise the railroad tracks outside Modern Woodmen Park forced the baseball team to play all its games at opponent's fields. The Bandits first home game is now set for Friday afternoon, with season opener festivities planned for Saturday.

Savanna calls for help holding back the Mississippi

The mayor of Savanna, Illinois is asking for community groups and volunteers to turn out today to help protect the city from another wave of flooding. A sandbag wall is built to handle a crest of about 20-feet, but the river is expected to hit 21-feet this weekend. The goal is to gather enough volunteers to build that wall higher to protect homes and businesses.

Man has 300 pairs of Nikes; Kevin Phelps explains Jumpman

A California man shows off quite the collection and Meteorologist Kevin Phelps tells Matt and Morgan what Jumpmans are.


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