Proof that Black Bears are living in Iowa

Proof that Black Bears are living in Iowa

Turkey hunter Zach Anderson shot video of a black bear lumbering through the woods last weekend near Decorah. Biologists say it's significant because they've been able to determine this is not just a bear wandering from Minnesota or Wisconsin, but is in fact a local animal. They say it marks the first bears living in Iowa since the 1880s,

Winfield-Mt Union Falls In Season Opener In Final Minute

The Wolves lose a back and forth game against Springville in a 41-38 loss

Columbus Gets Rolled By Cardinal In season Opener

Columbus falls 38-0 in season opener

More than 50 cats found in a Kewanee home

A house with more than 50 cats and dogs in Kewanee, Illinois. Neighbors noticed the problem and authorities went to the house on Tuesday. Today, they are still finding more cats.

Fran Riley Features: Galesburg couple invents STEM toy

A Galesburg couple has invented a kind of toy tha tis educational and entertaining.

Former YMCA Athletic Director charged with sexually abusing child in Iowa home

A man who'd been working for a YMCA in southern Iowa has been accused of sexually abusing a child.


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