HESCO Barriers taken down in Davenport

Wed Jun 12 20:44:08 PDT 2019

HESCO Barriers taken down in Davenport

After more than ninety days, the HESCO barriers in Downtown Davenport are finally coming down. And River Drive is slowly being opened to the public.

Firefighters urge safety precautions when putting an open flame in pumpkins

Firefighters in Davenport are reminding community members to be safe while partaking in Halloween activities.

Iowa man finds 5 inches of animal blood flooding basement

Blood may be thicker than water, but it'll still flood your basement.

Man identified after fatal motorcycle crash in Davenport

One person is dead after a motorcycle crash Tuesday night in Davenport.

Osaka in Moline to pay nearly $79,000 in back wages to employees

A Quad City restaurant has been ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back wages.

Teachers on strike in Mendota; 1,100 students out of school

The Mendota Education Association (MEA) has declared a strike after negotiations stalled with the Mendota School District 289 Board of Education (D289 BOE) on Tuesday night, according to union officials.


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