25th anniversary of OJ Simpson Bronco chase

25th anniversary of OJ Simpson Bronco chase

The low speed chase through Los Angeles with OJ Simpson was 25 years ago today

Mediapolis Advances In The Playoffs With 9-1 Win

Mepo gets the 9-1 win over Wapello.

Muscatine Fall Short Of State In 9 Inning Battle

The Muskies were in a shootout with a trip to state on the line. The game would have to go into extra innings and they would fall short of punching their ticket to Fort Doge.

North Scott Heads To State For The First Time In 9 Years

The Lancers beat Fairfield at Home in a 3-0 ball game that sends them to Fort Doge for the first time in 9 years.

Farmers concerned about heat wave

Farmers concerned about the unusual high rainfall this spring are now concerned about the heat wave adding further stress to crops. KWQC's Sarah Jones revisits a Geneseo farmer who has been able to plant 75% of his crops now that the rain has stopped. But without any rain, yield will be impacted.

3 candidates come to the QC

Three candidates came to the Quad Cities on Tuesday, leaving some undecided and others sure about their vote.


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