Partly Cloudy With Highs Only In The Mid 30s.

Fri Nov 08 05:23:42 PST 2019

Partly Cloudy With Highs Only In The Mid 30s.

50s Saturday

Man from Bennett, Iowa dies after I-74 crash

One man has died after a multi-semi crash on I-74 that happened Monday morning.

UPDATE: Two charged in paintball shooting spree in Village of East Davenport

Davenport police say they have identified and charged two male juveniles in connection with a paintball shooting spree in the Village of East Davenport eariiier this month.

Missing man from rural Wapello found dead in boat in Louisa County

The body of a man from rural Wapello was found in a boat on the Iowa River.

Fireball Seen Over QCA

If you thought you saw a meteor on Monday night, your eyes weren't fooling you. There were over 90 reports of a fireball across the night sky. It could be seen in 7 different states! This all happened around 8:50PM.

QCA Beard Champion couldn't wait to shave

Shock, disbelief, heartbreak, sympathy, empathy .. so many emotions going out to WOC Talk Radio host Dave Levora . After winning a national beard contests over the weekend and having the best neck scarf for the winter ever .. he tells us he shaved it all off !!


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