"Head Armor": The latest innovations in technology making football safer; Part 2

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 5:10 PM CDT
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Concussions are a growing concern in the game of football and in the last decade or so we've seen tremendous steps in innovation to help make the game safer. At the Riddell headquarters, they work to continue being the worldwide leader in helmet wearing protection.

In episode one of "Head Armor," you saw the first couple of steps in the process of creating one of their late pieces in helmet wearing technology "Precision Fit Helmets". It begins with a visible light scan to the surface of a player's head with their helmet on and off. The tech is so impressive that the scan is accurate to plus or minus half a millimeter. What you were still yet to see is what happens next. You get an inside look at how the custom pad set is created in computer space and sent towards a 3D printer computer to create Riddells latest piece in helmet wearing technology - Diamond Technology. It's an upgrade of the DNA protective material inside the helmet to 3D printed material that's made better to handle impact forces.

In the Riddell headquarter lies their own impact testing lab. That's how they deem helmets safe enough to be worn on the field. There are three different bodies that are writing test methodologies right now. One of them is the national football league and their helmet rankings, the second one is Virginia tech and their helmet ratings, they use a different methodology for evaluating helmets. Then the third is

They write the standards that are used for protective gear in a lot of team sports and football helmets and face guards are one of them.

We show you numerous test simulations and explain how they're judged in order to make sure helmets fit the necessary standard. In the final episode of "Head Armor" we visit the University of Iowa and see how they've adjusted to "Precision fit helmets" as the only program in the country with 100% of it's underclassman fitted with the helmet.

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